Using The Block Explorer

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Your account must be linked to at least one company to access the Block Explorer.
The purpose of the block explorer is to provide users with a means to verify if what they are viewing is legitimate. Examples of its use include, verifying documentation that has been uploaded, as well as confirming that a shared file is legitimate. 
Note that every document that is on myStake has a unique hash. The block explorer is a tool that is able to read these hashes to verify the files uploaded on myStake. 

Using the Block Explorer 

  1. Choose a document that you want to verify.
  2. Copy the Document Hash.

  3. Head to Block Explorer.

  4. Paste the Document Hash in the block explorer. 
  5. Click Submit.

  6. If the hash is found on the blockchain, the block explorer will confirm that it is valid.
  7. If you have permission to view the document, then you are able to scroll down the page and download the document as a PDF.

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