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Your account must be linked to at least one company to view the Dashboard.
Your account must be linked to two or more companies to view the Companies page. 
Your account must be the company secretary of the company to manage the Trust Invitation List.

How to Use the Trust Invitation List

  1. Navigate to Companies (or to Dashboard, if there is no Companies button).  
  2. Select the company that you wish to view the trust invitation list for. 
  3. Click the Advice tab. 
  4. Click the dropdown Invite tab.

    Note that this list only tracks the trusts that have not yet accepted your invitation to myStake. Once the invitation has been accepted the trust will be removed from the Trust Invitation List.
  5. Click Call To Action to resend the invitation to myStake.

  6. Click Edit to make changes to the email address of the trust.  

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