Recording a New Share Price

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MyStake calculates the share price using the latest share issuance

The Companyn secretary can set or change the share price at any time. For example: before a new share issuance or after a company valuation
The new share price will be communicated in the Activity section and in the Historical Performance graph on the Overview page and shareholders will be notified by email
  1. Click on Corporate Actions then Shares

  1. Scroll down to Record Share Price and complete the fields

  1. Once you hit Record Share Price this message will appear, advising the recalculated market capitalisation:

  1. You can accept by hitting Yes. If you select No then you have the opportunity to enter a market capitalisation amount. This can also be done in the Record Share Price section by ticking the Show manual market cap value:

Once the share price has been recorded an email and a notification will be automatically sent to alert the relevant personnel and all shareholders, and it will appear in the Activity and Historical Price graph sections

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