Share Offer and Acceptance Process For a Corporate Shareholder

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Your account must be linked to at least one company to view the dashboard.
Your account must be linked to two or more companies to view the Companies page. 
Your account must be the company secretary of the company to offer shares.
Note that if you wish to record the historical share price, we recommend doing this before inviting shareholders and issuing shares. Otherwise, shareholders will be notified for the recording of each price via email and push notification to mobile.

How to Offer and Issue Shares to a Corporate Shareholder

  1. Navigate to Companies (or to Dashboard, if there is no Companies button).  
  2. Select the company that you wish to make a share offer from. 
  3. Click the Admin tab. 
  4. Click the dropdown Shares tab.

    Note that you are able to track the progress of share offers under Pending Share Offers at the top of the screen.
  5. Scroll down to Offer Shares.

  6. Click on the drop-down list below entity and select the option to invite a new company.

    Note that if the company is currently registered on myStake, then you should select Invite Registered Company from the drop–down list.  
  7. The form will update, allowing you to enter the new company’s details. 

    Note that the company secretary of the invited company will be sent an email to join myStake. Once they register their account the invited company will be linked to your organisation as a corporate shareholder on the platform.   
  8. Click Send Offer to send the share offer to the shareholder. 
    Note that the company secretary of the invited company must register their company on myStake before they are able to accept any share offers.  
  9. You will be notified when the corporate shareholder accepts the share offer and their status under Pending Share Offers will change to awaiting payment. 
    Note that an asterisk will appear next to the Admin button when there are actions pending. 
  10. The corporate shareholder will now need to transfer funds as per the share offer, and advise you once complete
  11. Once you have confirmed the payment click Confirm Payment under Pending Share Offers
  12. This will change the status, allowing you to assign signers such as directors by clicking Assign Signers

  13. Here you will be able to select up to two signers within your organisation to sign the share certificate.  
  14. Click Add Signer to appoint signers to the share certificate.

  15. Signers will be notified that they are required to sign the share certificate. 
    Note that you are able to change signers during this time under Pending Share Offers
  16. Once the share certificate has been signed the status will update under Pending Share Offers.
  17. Click Issue Shares to issue the shares to the corporate shareholder.

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