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Your account must be linked to at least one company to view the Dashboard.
Your account must be linked to two or more companies to view the Companies page.
Your account must be the company secretary of the company to nominate signers on myStake. 

How to Nominate Signers on myStake

While performing certain actions as the company secretary you will be prompted to assign personnel to sign documentation. An example of this would be during the share offer and acceptance process. You can nominate up to two qualified personnel within the company to sign documentation. Once you select the signers and click the Add Signer button the document will appear in their Signatures section on myStake and they will be sent both an email and notification. 

Note that the only personnel that are qualified to sign documentation are either directors or the company secretary.

How to Sign Documentation on myStake

Note that only directors or the company secretary have the authority to sign documentation.
  1. Navigate to Companies (or to Dashboard, if there is no Companies button).
  2. Select the company of interest.
  3. Click the Signatures tab. 

  4. Find the document that you want to sign under Share Offer List.
  5. Click the Sign button for that document and you will be redirected to DocuSign.
  6. Click the checkbox located in the top left part of the screen, then click the continue button in the top right part of the screen.    

  7. Scroll down and click Sign, located near the bottom of the page.

  8. A new section will appear asking you to confirm your name, initials and signature.
  9. You can either select a computer-generated style by clicking Select Style and adjusting the design by clicking Change Style, or you can click Draw to use a hand written signature.

    Note that both forms of signatures are electronic representations of your signature and will be treated equally to a pen-and-paper signature.
  10. Once you have filled in all of the required fields click the adopt and sign button at the bottom of the page.
  11. You will now be able to see your signature printed on the document.
  12. To finish the process click the finish button located in the top right part of the screen and you will be redirected back to myStake.

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