Share Offer and Acceptance Process as a Shareholder

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Your account must be linked to at least one company to view the Dashboard.
Your account must be linked to two or more companies to view the Companies page. 

To accept shares as a shareholder:

  1. Navigate to Companies (or to Dashboard, if there is no Companies button).  
  2. Select the company that you wish to accept shares from. 
  3. Click the Info tab

  4. Under the heading Share Offer History, you will be able to view any share offers from the company secretary.

  5. Review the offer, and click Accept to continue the process. 

  6. You will now need to transfer funds as per the share offer, and advise the Company Secretary once complete. 
  7. Once the company secretary has confirmed the payment, they will arrange for the share certificate to be generated and signed.
  8. Once the share certificate has been signed the company secretary will issue your shares.
  9. Once your shares have been issued you will be able to view them in the cap table.
  10. To view the cap table and the details of your holdings, click on the Cap table tab and view your holdings there. 

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