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Adding a company to myStake can be done as part of the startup process. You need to be a company secretary and have completed the account set up (registration) to add a company.

If you have completed the account set up process and wish to add a company, click on Add Company in the navigation pane:

There are 4 steps to complete when adding a company.

The information entered during the myStake company registration process will not be called upon until all four sections are completed and your company is deployed.

For example, company officers will only receive invitations to join your company on myStake once your company has been deployed.

This means that you are free to cancel your company during this time if you wish to start this process from the beginning. Additionally, if a mistake was corrected during the registration process then there will be no record of the mistake. However, note that once you complete the registration process and your company is deployed on myStake, every action will become a part of an immutable record, including any mistakes.

These are the 4 steps:

myStake will guide you through each step.

This is the information required to add a company:

Company Name

The legally registered name of your company, as per the Certificate of Registration of a Company, provided by ASIC. 

Company Number

The ACN of your company, as per the Certificate of Registration of a Company, provided by ASIC. This number is a 9 digit number (as distinct to an ABN number which is 11 digits). The ACN is usually the last 9 digits of the ABN

Company Shortcode

This is a 2-4 letter code to represent the company. It is simply used to identify company shared within myStake. This is similar to a ticker code that publicly listed companies have. (For example, the Australian Securities Exchange has a code of ASX). 

Place of business

This is the current place of business address that is registered with ASIC.

Registered Address

This is the current registered address of the company that is registered with ASIC.

Officer details

Names, addresses, email address, Date of Birth and Place of Birth for each director as per the details registered with ASIC


Enter Company Details

Once payment details have been completed, click "Begin Company Creation" located at the bottom of the screen:

You will next see this screen. Please read carefully and agree or cancel the company registration process:

First you will need to enter company details.

Click on the "Continue" button once the information has been entered. 

2. Next you add Company Officers:

After you've completed this section, click the green button "adding officer".

Once added, you should see the office at the top of the section:


In this section, the share price can be set. You can either enter the current share price, or the original share price of the company. After company deployment, additional share prices can be added to be graphed over time.

Next you can digitise existing shareholders by entering the details for each shareholder and the details of their share purchases

After completing, hit "digitise shares" the information will appear above:

An alternative method of digitising is to upload a csv file .

4. Deploy to the Blockchain

We are now ready to "deploy" which saves the company information to the Blockchain.

What Next?

You will be redirected to the Companies screen, which contains a list of companies you have added to myStake. Note that you can not perform any tasks for the company you have registered, until the transaction has been mined on the Blockchain. This may take up to a few minutes. 

Clicking on the company redirects you to the Company Shares Screen where you can Issue Shares, Record Share Prices and Invite Shareholders to myStake. 

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