Registering Your Company on myStake

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Adding new companies can only be done through the web app.
The company secretary is able to register a company on myStake once they complete the account registration process. 
Note that the information required for myStake's company registration process can be found in your company's corporate binder.
Note that actions conducted during the company registration process such as adding officers and issuing shares will be only be carried out once you complete all five stages of the registration process. 
Note that you do not have to manually enter in all of this data. You are able to use myStake to retrieve your company's stored details if your company is registered with ASIC. However, to gain access to ASIC integration you must select the ASIC upgrade. Certain information such as officer email addresses still need to be manually entered, since ASIC does not keep that data on file.  

How to Register Your Company on myStake

  1. Once you complete the account registration process you will be taken to the Add Company screen. Here you will be able to choose the myStake bundle that contains the features you desire for your company, along with any additional upgrades.  
  2. Choose the options that best describe what you are looking to achieve, then click the Begin Company Creation button.   
  3. Use the information found in your company's corporate binder to fill out the fields shown in the Entity section. 
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Next Step to proceed to the Officers section.
  5. Click the drop-down list and select the option Invite A New User to add people that have executive roles within your organisation and invite them to use myStake. 
  6. Once you fill in the required fields, to add an officer click the Add Officer button. This will generate a card for that person and be displayed above.   
    Note that officers can be given multiple roles. For example a company secretary can also hold the role of director.  
  7. When all officers have been added click Next Step to proceed to the Shares section.
  8. Here you are able to digitise shares to existing shareholders, which will generate new share certificates and replace their old ones. Shareholders can be either individuals, companies, trusts, or SMSFs.
    Note that there is no offer and acceptance process for shares while registering a company on myStake. It is assumed that the company secretary will be issuing shares in this section to replace the paper certificates that currently exist. If you wish to offer shares to new shareholders and go through the standard offer and acceptance process then please do so once you complete the myStake company registration process.
  9. Click either 'yes' or 'no' to enabling DocuSign. 
    Note that you can turn this on or off post company registration, under company settings.
  10. Click the drop-down list below entity and select the type of entity you wish to issue shares to.
  11. Once you fill in the required fields click Digitise Shares.
  12. A table will be generated at the top of the screen, which can be used to keep track of the entities that you have digitised shares to.
    Note that once shares have been digitised you will be required to upload a copy of the original share certificate. This can be done either during or post company registration.  
  13. If you wish to digitise shares for a large number of shareholders, you can do this by uploading spreadsheets under Upload CSV file. Templates for each share type are available in this section on the bottom of the Shares page

  1. When all the required shares have been issued click Next Step to proceed to the Billing section. 
  2. Here you are able to choose a myStake subscription period for your company. Currently we support monthly and annual payments. 
  3. To add a method of payment click Add a New Card
  4. Fill in the required card fields, then click Add New Card.  
  5. Click the Next Step button. 
  6. The Deploy section is the final stage of myStake's company registration process. Here you can add your company's logo and type a personal message that will be sent to all the users that you have invited to join your company on myStake.  
  7. To complete the company registration process click Create Entity On The Blockchain
  8. It will take anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes to deploy your company. Once the deployment process has finished you will be granted access to additional myStake features such as the dashboard that can be found in the navigation tab

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